Florida Expungement Lawyer

What is Expungement?

Expungement is the process of having any convictions or arrests removed from public records so that they no longer appear. An expungement of conviction does not, however, remove them from law enforcement data bases. Law enforcement will still have access to someone’s criminal history, even after an expungement. A knowledgeable Florida expungement attorney will be able to provide you with the legal assistance to attempt to have an arrest or conviction expunged if your case meets certain legal standards. If the person requesting expungement has met all of their probation criteria, has obeyed all court orders and has no subsequent criminal offenses, it may be possible to get the records expunged.

Why get your charges expunged? A criminal record negatively affects your future employment, educational possibilities, housing options, immigration status and the ability to obtain loans.

Expungement must be petitioned for and approved by the Florida courts. Because arrests and convictions can remain on public record and negatively impact your future, many people seek to have these records expunged.

Many people do not realize how a criminal record can affect their life. There are certain jobs that you cannot qualify for if you have a criminal record, such as police officer, teacher, child care provider, and others. Your ability to get housing may be affected by a landlord checking credit and seeing you have a record. And if you are an immigrant, any past convictions on your record can come up at any time, even during a police traffic stop. Your immigration status can be affected, possibly resulting in deportation. Why risk these ill effects when these records can possibly be expunged?

Experienced Florida Expungement Lawyer

At Bogle Law we are an experienced criminal defense law firm that has been assisting clients throughout South Florida, including Charlotte County, South Sarasota County and Arcadia. Removing negative marks on your public record are very important to your future outlook. Our dedicated lawyers will do everything possible to make sure you receive the attention and skilled legal counsel you deserve.

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