Assault & Battery

Have You Been Charged With Assault and/or Battery?

Violent crimes can be treated very severely in the State of Florida depending on the circumstances. Assault & Battery is one of those crimes. There are many factors involved in a violent crime being committed. Any time there is an altercation, you will have differing points of view from all parties involved. There may be witnesses who observed the assault, and it would be vital to obtain their version of the incident as soon as possible after the event, while it is still fresh in their memory. An experienced attorney at Bogle Law will conduct a methodical review of all of the evidence gathered by law enforcement. We will attempt to challenge any evidence produced in order to possibly reduce or even have your charges dismissed.

By definition, the crime of Assault is considered to be attempting or threatening to cause harm to someone while the crime of Battery is actual physical harm or violence carried out on someone. Assault and Battery is commonly what someone who has harmed another is charged with following an assault. If you are charged with Assault and Battery it may be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The more severe the assault, the more likely it will be charged as a felony. People who commit assault and battery may or may not use a weapon to coerce or intimidate the other individual. When a person uses a weapon during the commission of a crime, certain enhancements may apply to the criminal charges and sentencing. When a person is convicted of assault and battery, he/she may be punished with time in jail, fines, restitution, community service, probation, and court ordered counseling.

An Assault and Battery charge can lead to serious consequences for you. It is not a matter that can be handled without the knowledge and experience of a Florida criminal defense lawyer criminal defense lawyer to defend against those charges. Bogle Law reviews all types of violent crime cases including Assault & Battery. There are defenses that a skilled attorney can provide for you that can lessen the chances of your being convicted. There could very well be compelling evidence showing that you might have been acting in self defense.

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