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About Bogle Law

Bogle Law was originally founded in 2007 to serve the residents of Charlotte County and Punta Gorda, Florida. Our legal team includes Board-Certified Criminal Trial Specialist Tauna R. Bogle, Esq. Those certified in criminal law, such as attorney Bogle, have demonstrated their abilities in the areas of investigation, evaluation, pleadings, discovery, the presentation of evidence, and in presenting oral arguments before a jury and in nonjury cases.

Only certified attorneys are able to advertise themselves as "Florida Bar Board Certified" or as a "specialist" in a legal field. In Florida, certification is the highest recognition that is given by the Florida Bar for an attorney's competency and experience.

Each attorney certified in an area approved by the Supreme Court of Florida must pass a peer review, they must have completed 45 hours of continuing legal education, and they must have passed a written examination which demonstrated their knowledge, skills and proficiency in the area of law they are seeking certification. As a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney and as a former State Prosecutor, you can be rest assured that attorney Bogle has demonstrated the knowledge and experience to handle your case professionally and aggressively.

Effective Defense Lawyer

When faced with the serious situation of an arrest or charge for any criminal offense, it is vital to immediately contact a Florida criminal defense lawyer to assist you with preparing your case for defense. Attorney Tauna R. Bogle has extensive experience in dealing with criminal charges, having been a former State Prosecutor.

Knowing both sides of the law can add considerably to the ability of a criminal defense attorney to see the case from the point of view of the prosecutor and plan her defense accordingly.

Our legal staff will review all options with you so that you are well aware of each step of the process and know what to expect. Our own internal investigation must be conducted which can include witness statements, scene investigations, review of all evidence presented against you, expert testimony, and more. Having a thorough and meticulous preparation for your defense can make the difference between your freedom and a conviction.

Our law firm is dedicated to assisting our clients through any criminal charges they may be facing. We will aggressively pursue your best interests by whatever legal means is necessary to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

If you need legal counsel for your criminal charges, contact Bogle Law for aggressive and experienced legal representation.